• Act Justly, love mercy, walk humbly

    Engaging the skills and giftings you already have, enrich your spiritual journey, and touch the global footprint of God.

    Our Impact
  • Act Justly, love mercy, walk humbly

    We guide and equip believers who pursue competence, creativity, and confidence in walking the Word into the world.

    Ways to Volunteer
  • Ways to volunteer

    Whether you would like to share your talent or contribute collectable items, WordWalk offers many ways to volunteer with others or on your own. Learn about our current needs and how you can get involved.

    Current Needs
  • About our Global Partners

    There is no closure to opportunities of God’s great commission! Explore your own international connections and experience increased aperture of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Global Partners
  • 15 years as an organization

  • Volunteers from 11 states

  • Connecting with believers in 20 countries

WordWalk & You

In our 16th year WordWalk continues to engage believers in partnerships with international ministries. WordWalk volunteers live in 11 states and are currently connecting with ministries in 20 countries.

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