Walking In Prayerful Wisdom: Proverbs

I receive your words as the reality and the authority for my life.  I will store up your commands and guard them with my humble and obedient life.  Your Word will make me whole and holy.

I will make my ear alert and attentive to wisdom, and I will stretch out my heart to understanding.  I trust that this will give me the skill to respond to any circumstances or situations that I may face.

I desire that every facet of my being focus on the knowledge of your person, your creation, and your salvation.

I look for wisdom like a prospector panning for gold, taking great care in recognizing what is truly valuable.  I will enter the mystery as I abandon myself to you.

I am in awe of you; I take you seriously.  I want to know you intimately.

A prayer based on Proverbs 2:1-5