Apocalyptic Terror and Mr. Diabolical, Part 1

Biblical prophecy is a playground littered with a plethora of prognostications plaguing the true kingdom of God: Christians vanishing leaving others left behind to deal with unprecedented troubles, a mysterious and charismatic leader assuming control over the whole world, and a final battle of Armageddon with Israel in the center. These concepts dominate religious television, prophetic conferences, movies, and several churches. Many simply accept these things based on what our leaders have told us, and now we respond as Pavlov’s dogs with a hearty “Amen” when one or more of these concepts is preached or proclaimed to us. It is imperative that we check the map (Bible) for ourselves, no matter how much we trust those giving directions.

In the next two posts we will discuss practical and sensible ways to approach the Scriptures when it speaks of the future. These principles of interpretation are woven into the entire fabric of the Word of God.

We must begin with the overarching premise that God is sovereign and that He is strategically involved among the nations, Israel, the church, and individual believers. He has an eternal perspective, and His purposes will prevail.

We must understand that the Bible is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. In Scripture, the past, the present, and the future are woven together into the “eternal now.” It takes the entirety of the Bible to accurately interpret various parts of the Bible.

We will continue this discussion in the next post.