A Chosen Vessel

Energizing and encouraging realities emerge as you reflect on the life and the writings of the Apostle Paul.

  • He was sovereignly chosen before birth for a specific purpose and destiny.
  • His qualifications as an apostle were obtained in a different setting as the other apostles, so he consistently explained and defended his position for the purpose of establishing his God-given authority.
  • He had a vital conviction to give the whole counsel of God to those within the scope of his ministry.
  • The events of his life and his inspired writings provoked others to acclimate and appropriate the Spirit of God as it related to the vast arena of the good news of the kingdom of God.
  • Paul established relationships and prayed intentionally and intensely for others so that they might mature in the faith and thereby glorify God.
  • He did not follow a man-made mission protocol. He established one within the command of the great commission and the mandate of Christ given early in the book of Acts.
  • Paul had an affinity for his traveling companions and those that he was mentoring.
  • He endured internal and external trials. He also confronted false teaching and other forms of evil.
  • It was obvious that he had a humble willingness to dispensable. His life was fully invested and utterly spent for Jesus Christ.