A Neurotic Distortion

It is God who originates and defines our relationship with Him.  The way in which we interpret and acclimate to this is through God’s self-revelation in the Scriptures, in Jesus Christ, and in creation.  This revelation will manifest itself in our lives in continual and intentional repentance and obedience, which is the true nature of love.

A relationship with God based on personal or corporate perception and assumption is the height of arrogance.  Our pride inevitably leads to a deception that we are acceptable to God, when we are only deluded by being comfortable before a “god” of our own creation.  Our arrogance has birthed idolatry, which is displayed in the following subtle forms of evil:

  • We give opinions on issues as if our knowledge and expertise is from God, when in reality, nothing we say squares with God’s revelation.
  • Our “worship” events become seeker-sensitive, ostentatious, and sentimental.  Worship is entertainment designed to produce a “feel good” experience.
  • We evolve into nationalistic elitists, which produces an “our team wins” mentality.  We diminish the power of any “our team loves” messaging.
  • Any witness we undertake becomes self-promoting and self-satisfying.
  • There is a smug pride about our place in the grand scheme of things.
  • We live up to our own achievable, self-made list we label righteousness.
  • We become cultic.  Our leaders are celebrities.  We use a “cafeteria Bible study.” The herd is controlled as the funds are collected.  And of course, the opposition is criticized.
  • The end of our plight is apostasy and slavery.

Understand that God will judge evil in all its forms.  And if this evil permeates His people, He will do whatever it takes to secure a relationship that is pure and righteous.  This may involve chastening, consequences, and even captivity of some form.  He desires that this will result in a cleansing which produces love for Him and a witness to His glory.