A Reasoned/ Reasonable Hope, 3

“Declaring truth in an age of universal delusion is a revolutionary act” (Orwell).  “The worth of a person is determined by how much truth they can tolerate” (Nietzsche).  We live in a day of interactive communication where people are relentlessly involved in self- promotion: presenting themselves, explaining themselves, defending themselves, and selling themselves.  Our culture is predisposed to narcissism and to the rejection of any mention of absolute truth.  “They live ‘life lies’ in an attempt to manipulate reality with perception, so that only some narrowly desired and pre-defined outcome is allowed to exist” (Peterson). 

In our advanced and modern culture, which is both pluralistic and post-Christian, our urgent need is for compassionate communication and crafted conversation in order to address the issues of the hour.  “How can we speak for our Lord in a manner that does justice to His wonder, and to the profundity of the good news He has entrusted to us” (Guinness)?

Are you discussing these issues in your Christian community in preparation to speak in the culture?

  • social media
  • immigration
  • political correctness
  • abortion
  • the environment
  • mental health
  • alternative sexual lifestyles
  • racism
  • social justice
  • politics and governments
  • addictions
  • wars and conflicts

Expanding the George Orwell quote that introduced this post: 
…proclaiming Christ in an age of universal depravity is a provocative act;
…manifesting love in an age of universal desperation is a dangerous act.