A Sweet Fragrance Unto God

Serious students of the Scripture have a proven way of study.  They have helpful Study Bibles; they do word studies, or they refer to other sources such as commentaries and devotionals.  There is also a refreshing and profitable method of study that excludes all outside resources.  It is simply to read a book of Scripture in one or two sittings to glean the general concepts and the overall message.  This kind of journey rarely disappoints and usually provides treasures that are totally unexpected.  In selecting a book, why not select one that has a “reputation” of being difficult to understand; one that other nominal Christians suggest that you avoid, such as LEVITICUS.  To follow are a few of the many concepts that will leap out at you as you read this book.

  • The various offerings obviously describe the intricate, mysterious, and efficacious nature or features of the once-for-all sacrifice of Christ on the cross.
  • The life of the flesh is in the blood, making it a necessity that the shedding of blood is required for the sacrifice for sin.
  • Sins can be willful and ignorant; they can be individual and corporate.
  • Confession, remission, retribution, and restoration are all involved in the forgiveness of sin.
  • The priestly garments, the anointing oil, and the performing of the sacrifices are all fulfilled in Christ.
  • All activities performed by the priests involving offerings are precisely described by God. Strange and inappropriate fire is unacceptable.
  • God is holy and he wants us to be holy. 
  • Keep the principle of the Sabbath and honor the God-ordained feasts.
  • The mental, physical, and spiritual health of God’s community is important.

From these concepts you will begin to formulate the main message of this book.  In Leviticus we are introduced to how we can have personal access to God through specified and appropriate worship, and then how we can be pleasing to God through an obedient lifestyle.  This book proclaims and provokes us to deal with God’s holiness on His terms.  The intense and burning purity of this holiness will transform everyone it contacts.