Global Partners

We continue to explore partnerships with established international ministries who are grateful for the skills and energy shared by our volunteers virtually online or over social media. WordWalk volunteers and teams experience new aspects of Christ’s endless creativity and mercy, and our faith is strengthened through these connections.

Messages from our Partners

Our quarantined partners in the Middle East are now able to at least go to and from work. We are excited about the SAT Mentoring opportunity we are launching in the new school year. The faculty has been able to use this limited, and masked, gathering time to wrap up reporting on the year’s virtual teaching efforts and to attend team learning. Protected location

Our partners in Kampala are now able to access villages where they have established ministries. The virus and quarantine had inhibited the ability to deliver basics like food; flooding has recently compounded tragedy for these communities. Generosity from you volunteers has enabled these partners to meet many needs, both physically and spiritually, during this global crisis. – Mission Advance, Uganda

New WordWalk volunteers have been moved by the difficulties in Kenya, which mirror those in Uganda. Generosity and prayer have resulted in the ability of Washingtone and his ministry team to fervently meet needs of people there. – Washingtone Aseka, Kenya

We were excited at the possibility of welcoming Bible Mission partners to Pensacola in March to help us with our exploration of supporting new efforts in Tajikistan. But the virus confined them to their homes in Almaty. We are now in the process of re-establishing priorities and provisions for ministry in these areas. – Bible Mission Partners in Kazakhstan

The Building of a Partnership

1. Responding to Spirit Introductions

Often it is our volunteers who are drawn to individual ministries, and the WordWalk leadership guides the relationship growth to affirm more of the ministry’s needs and priorities.

2. Matching Vision with Possibility

As the organizations find common vision, God may open minds, hearts, and wallets that form the foundation of an initiative allowing WordWalk to invite other volunteers to engage with a partner.

3. We Plan

WordWalk guides the connecting of partner-needs with volunteer skills, encouragement, or team travel initiatives.

4. We Prepare

WordWalk teams have opportunity to connect directly with our partners as we prepare the details of trips abroad. Those who go team up with other volunteers who choose to help, equip, encourage and fund those who travel. Needs and preparation intensity for these trips are determined by many factors; stay current or contact us.

5. We Go

We take seriously the practicalities and safety of traveling internationally. WordWalk guides our partners in organizing and providing what is necessary to responsibly work together, with the Spirit, toward our common vision. The first step is getting your passport!

6. We Share

On our return, we continue our relationships with these ministries and seek opportunities to engage more volunteers in growth connections.