Our Advisors

Mike Rollwagen

Mike Rollwagen is the founder of WordWalk and an ordained minister with over 40 years of full-time ministry experience as a pastor, church planter, youth minister, Bible teacher in secondary and post-secondary Christian schools, leader/organizer of over 50 international missions trips, diverse experience as leader/organizer of missions-support initiatives and seminars, camp, and youth events.

His personal vocation has become the provoking of individuals into the Word toward the strengthening of their God-relationship. “I do not apologize for unorthodox but Spirit-led efforts to get the attention of and encourage those needing or pleading for help. I do apologize when my human eagerness gets in the way of His direction. I daily seek to know the difference; He is faithful to show me the difference.”

Susan Rollwagen

Susan Rollwagen is an alignment consultant and uses her expertise in performance management to support our ministry partners through team growth, conflict, change, learning initiatives, and challenges.

Don Hagwell

Don Hagwell is a corporate leader and guides the WordWalk leaders and board on organization continuity and practicality.

Reneé Miller

Reneé Miller is a finance professional and uses her experience to research specifics and advise on significant WordWalk financial direction.

Hillary Hughes

Hillary Hughes has a passion for international ministries and channels her energy toward exploring opportunities with new and existing WordWalk partners.

Michael Schofield

Michael Schofield is a Bible scholar and attorney and engages in teaching the Word and offers legal guidance for the organization when needed.

Cindy Platt

Cindy Platt is a Physician Assistant – Certified, who shares her guidance when medical opportunities or questions are part of an initiative.

Alison Brantley

Alison Brantley is an educator and a rich source of perspective on how different audiences value and view WordWalk’s non-profit efforts.