Jesus commanded us to love one another.  We are to love as He loved.  This is how we will be recognized as His followers.  Later, it was John who stated that when we fail to live a loving lifestyle, we are liars, pretenders, and deceivers.  If we are truly born out from God, we are energized and compelled to love as the old nature is eradicated, and we participate in the divine nature.  We love because God Himself (nature, essence, character) is love.  Out from this kind of love springs several other motivations.

We love as a result of being provoked by the example of God the Father in sending His only, one of a kind Son into the world to accomplish our salvation.

The Spirit (given as a permanent gift) brings love to completion and to full capacity within us so that it might be manifested to others.

Love is the pulse of our witness to the person and purposes of God on this planet.  This is the good news.

When we love, we deepen our assurance as children of God.  Loving gives us boldness and confidence as anxiety and worry are diminished.  Fear is diminished in the sphere of love.  As we love, we cast fear aside, even the fear of the coming judgment day.

We love as we are inspired and motivated by the extravagant love of God’s heart.