Amen, Amen! Part Two

Remember, when Jesus says, “Truly, Truly I say to you,” He is claiming and emphasizing ultimate authority for what He is about to say.  He seeks no other approval or confirmation.  The expectation is that we calibrate everything we consider to be the truth in reference to His words, and that we do so with an attitude of submission and humility.

We are working our way through the “Truly, Truly” statements of Jesus in the gospel of John.  In our last blog we looked at John 1:51.  Using the method of expanded translation, we will now look at several more of examples.

“All were born in the image of God.  Through God’s gift of second birth, you are enabled to be an image bearer.  Then you will see and enter into the life of my kingdom.  This is the truth.” (3:3,5)

“Listen carefully as I speak the truth to you.  I speak from perfect knowledge and insight.  I testify out of full experience and discernment.  Yet, instead of being faced with the evidence, you procrastinate and reject it.” (3:11)

“The mystery of Father, Son, and Spirit is a divine dance.  It is a fascinating and flawless collaboration.” (5:19)

“It is vital for you to understand that what I am telling you is the truth.  Those of you who welcome, receive, and align yourselves to My word, and recognize that I have been sent from above will have real and eternal life.  Leaving any condemnation, you will be permanently transferred from the sphere of the dead into the wide-open cosmos of the living.” (5:24)

“Listening carefully to the truth is crucial.  What I am saying to you is as prophetic as it is personal.  Those who are dead in their depravity, when enabled to hear and respond to My voice, will be made alive.” (5:25)

“Moses did not give you bread from heaven.  My Father did that, and at this very moment – right now –  He is offering it to you.  Truly, I am the bread that imparts and sustains life.  Come to me and you will never hunger.  Believe on me and you will never thirst.” (6:32-35, 47-48)

“This is bold truth.  Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you.  But as you fully assimilate who I AM and what I am here to accomplish, you will experience real and eternal life, and we will abide continually together.” (6:53-56)

“When you habitually and willfully choose addiction to self, you will become a captive.  You will surrender your identity and your destiny.  Do you desire genuine liberation?  Let the Son set you free. Then in reality you will be free indeed.  I am the truth and I speak the truth.” (8:34-36)

To be continued…