An “Altar-ing” Experience

“I can tell you exactly where I was when that happened!”  This statement is often used in reference to a historical event, like the devastation of 911. These thoughts are stirred when remembering a tragedy or a life changing decision or experience.  For a Christ follower there will be defining realities over a lifetime, where God encounters us in very unique ways, changing the course of our destiny. 

These times – and places – provide and provoke worship and prayer.  It is an opportunity to erect a tangible or mental altar.  God is infusing us with new capacities; our lives become wider apertures and channels for the Spirit.  Through the story of God, each life takes on an enduring and enhanced quality.

Abraham is the prototype reflecting a process of what it means to live by faith.  Genesis 11:27-22:19 is a forty year period of successive and progressive altars, where Abraham stopped to consider the dynamic ways that God obviously intersected his life.  These eight altars are similar to the six visions in Paul’s life in the book of Acts.  We will explore these life-altering altars in upcoming posts.