Jesus went into Galilee proclaiming the good news of God.  “The time has come,“ he said, “the kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent and believe the good news!”  God’s purpose from before the foundation of the world had been to deliver men and women from their own depravity.  In Christ, the fulfillment and operation of this plan had arrived.  The rule and reign of God was upon us.  It ruptured this world, generating a new state of affairs in which the power of evil would be defeated.  The followers of Christ were commissioned and then equipped by the Holy Spirit to participate in putting this new world into place.

This kingdom (basilea) was the central message of Christ.  The mystery of the incarnation was that God was in charge.  His rule and reign – inaugurated at the cross, confirmed by the resurrection and the ascension, and to be consummated by His second coming – was being brought to bear upon the world.  Once we get a glimpse of the glory of Christ’s kingdom, nothing else will adequately satisfy us.  As believers, we are incurably affected with a desire for more of the immovable and eternal reign of Jesus Christ, our King.