Be Encouraged

The LORD will perform and fully complete His purpose for you.  His love, mercy, and grace abide, endure, and remain forever.  The work of His hands is ordained and stands secure.

All the days ordained for you (prescribed-written before, inscribed-marked and engraved, subscribed-under written with authority, described-written accurately) were contained in his revealed Word, even before your substance was formed in the womb.

Be confident (assent to the evidence of God’s authority which gives you inner security) of this, that He who started a good and wholesome work in you will perform it and bring it to fruition and completion until it is consummated at the day of Jesus Christ.

You are the craftsmanship, the tapestry, and the poetry of God, created in Christ Jesus to do what is holy and good, which God ordained and prepared in advance for you to do.

God has determined the appointed time set for you and the exact places of your pilgrimage/ journey.  He did this to give you the opportunities to seek (worship, inquire, and desire) Him, and to experience (handle, verify by contact, and touch) Him.  It is in Him that you live and move and find the purpose of your existence.

He is the sure, stable, and secure foundation of your times… a rich store of salvation and deliverance, of wisdom and skill for living, and of knowledge and discernment.  The fear of the LORD – taking God seriously – is the key to this storehouse of treasure.

Scripture references are Psalm 138:8, Psalm 139:16, Philippians 1:6, Ephesians 2:10, Acts 17:26-27, and Isaiah 33:6.