You are called and known as sons and daughters of God.  Behold the marvelous kind of love that the Father has lavished on us and permanently extended to us!  We are not just saved from destruction, we are known intimately by God.

It is now possible for us to approach God with confidence.  This is the assurance and the cheerful courage that we have in our God.  We now have the boldness and the freedom to come into His presence.

We know that He is constantly paying attention to our pleas and petitions.  When we approach God, we are absolutely assured that He hears us and listens to us.

Based on the assurance that He hears us, we know that He answers us.  He answers us in alignment with His will.  We must humbly and gratefully seek to recognize and acclimate to these answers.

May the will of God be accomplished in and through our lives.  Let us realize the personal diminishment and the ultimate destruction that would occur if prayers were answered according to our own will.