Blind Spots and Belief

In our Western culture there are many voices competing for our attention and allegiance.  These voices resonate from technology, science, psychology, and religion.  We are inundated with marketing and manipulation on a grand scale.  This menagerie of messages will most often distract, divert, and even deceive the listener.

Unless we commit to the whole counsel of God, we develop “blind spots” in our faith and walk.  This may even result in the believer succumbing to “another gospel,” which is actually a counterfeit of the true gospel.  Those who claim to be Christ followers often fall prey to these perils unless they have allowed the Spirit to develop in them an active, authoritative, and intelligent discernment. It is God’s Word that establishes our foundation for a healthy balance of belief and behavior. 

In the following four posts we will look at significant aspects of this foundation from Scripture; these aspects provide believers with coherence and equilibrium during these confusing and chaotic times.  We will explore them individually and then discover just how vital and interconnected they are.
These are foundational features of our Christian walk:

  • Every believer must be a vital part of a community of other believers.
  • Every believer must make some connection to the marginalized in their periphery.
  • Every believer must, in some way, support missionaries and those to whom they are ministering.
  • Every believer must have, at the very least, an awareness of those around the world who are persecuted for their faith.