“Buckle Up”


We have been invited to participate in God’s plan for this world.  The most effective way of doing this is to become involved in making disciples.  For Christ followers this is an honorable privilege as well as a costly command.  We are exploring some practical ways in which we can leverage this commission personally.  We began with “Get In” as we discussed how to make this command of Christ vital in our lives.  This is how we get it all started.  Now we will focus on how to get our feet on the ground in global mission activity -Buckle Up.

Christ considers the making of disciples a matter of obedience.  In aligning ourselves with this reality, we must be in a constant state of transformation that results from intimate prayer and the study of and reverence for God’s Word.  We must then get involved with other disciples who have vision and compassion for the peoples of this planet.  We get to know missionaries personally, and we strive for the means to support them.  We pay close attention to those places in the world that God places within our periphery.  As a result, we begin to consider where God might have us to go.

  1. Learn to recognize the provocative ways in which God brings certain parts of the world to your attention.  Do some research on these areas and make yourself available for opportunities as they arise.
  2. Do not worry about finances at this time.  If God is pointing you in a certain direction, He will provide the means for you to go.  Raising the funds, supplies and projects for your trip is going to increase your faith.  It will require some form of sacrifice.
  3. Do not expect immediate chemistry within your group.  God will mold you together in His unique ways.
  4. Make your plans.  Prepare for the tasks ahead.  Pray about how your particular gifts and talents will be used.  But always know that any plans that you make, individually or as a group, will dissolve into the sovereign purposes of God.  This is an incredible thing to observe.
  5. Packing is a labor of love as the supplies that we take to others take precedent over our own desires.
  6. Ask questions, especially from someone who has been where you are going.
  7. Begin to journal before leaving and continue the process while you are there.  Thoughts from God will emerge.  Journaling also helps you to focus on all that God is doing through you and to you.
  8. Give the Spirit some time to help you acclimate to the situation – physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  9. Anticipate the adventure.