Burning Hearts

There is an interesting section of Luke’s gospel that provokes the reader to enter into what is taking place (24:13-32).  Two travelers are on the road to Emmaus which, according to tradition, is about 7 miles northwest of Jerusalem.  The knowledge of Christ’s crucifixion 3 days earlier was known by all in the region, and many, including these travelers, were discussing the event and its implications.  A third person engages the two and inquires as to the nature of their conversation.  They share facts about events that have been clouded by ignorance, presumption, and expectation.  But the visitor begins to clarify and connect past and recent realities in a way that causes their hearts to burn.  They soon recognize that the visitor was himself the very message, yes even the Messiah.

Enter the mystery as you reflect on the following questions about this lively, even wild text:

  • Who were the two travelers? (vv13-14,18)
  • What was the topic of their conversation? (v14)
  • Who showed up? (v15)
  • Why didn’t they recognize Him? (v16)
  • What are your thoughts on the attitude of Cleopas after the visitor inquired about their conversation? (vv17-18)
  • What was the content of the answer? (vv19-24)
  • Consider the confrontation of the unrecognized Jesus concerning the conversation. (vv25-26)
  • What was the significance of the stranger’s additions to their perspective?! (v27)
  • As a result of their conversation with the visitor, what did the two constrain him to do? (vv28-30)
  • What do you believe caused them to recognize Jesus? (v31)
  • What was it that actually caused their hearts to burn within them? (v32)
  • What was the immediate response of these 2 travelers to this new awareness? (vv33-35)
  • What is your response? (v38)