A catena is a chain of Scriptures strung together as a theme, representing the person, purposes, and/or the promises of God.  When read aloud with dignity, gravity, and meaning, the impact and momentum can be powerful.  You are not rewriting scripture, but the medication, the process of creating a catena, can be deeply worshipful and intensely motivating.  What follows are some seed-thoughts for such a sacred activity: the ideas are listed from simple to complex.

  • Reading through the book of Psalms at a pace of one per day can be a time of devotion and guided prayer. At the end of the week, take one verse or phrase from each Psalm and construct a new psalm from the collected verses.
  • In reading through a particular book of Scripture, certain themes become recognizable. Compile Scriptures which support these themes, then put them together for the purpose of private worship or public presentation/proclamation.
  • Creatively mingle passages such as the 23rd Psalm with the Lord’s Prayer and possibly the Beatitudes.
  • Find supporting Scripture for each aspect of the fruit of the Spirit or the armor of God.
  • Match Old Testament prophecies to the New Testament fulfillment.
  • Weave passages that reference the Tabernacle with verses of Christ’s fulfillment found throughout the book of Hebrews.
  • Use various translations to enhance and energize the catena.

The possibilities are endless.  Establish your own  nexuses!