The church in its inception was conceived by the Holy Spirit and propagated by Christ’s disciples.  We are looking at those features that gave an identity and a destiny to these first century assemblies.  The Word of God increased as a result of accurate teaching and aggressive obedience.  The disciples were immersed in and sensitive to the guidance of the Spirit.  They were being progressively transformed by Jesus’ command to make disciples of all the nations. 

As we explore further we come to discover that, as they identified with Christ, it became clear and necessary to join their lives with those of like mind and heart.  These assemblies were not identified with the structures where they met.  They bonded together based upon a common creed (the Word) and communion (the Spirit).  They were alert and generous to meeting needs.  They became equipped and eager for the great mission.  And their community of faith became a launching pad to the nations for the good news of Jesus Christ.