Conversations with God – Peter

20080216070202_cornerstone_bwWhat are people saying about who I am?”

“A rabbi, a good teacher, a prophet, a humanitarian.”

“But what about you?  Who do you say that I am?”

“You are the Christ, the Messiah; you are the Son of the Living God.”

“You are not conflicted.  No mere man could have revealed this to you.”

“And now I am going to tell you who you are.  You are a living stone in the church that I am putting together.  It will be expansive with energy and not even the forces of hell will be able to prevent its formation!”

“And that’s not all.  You will have complete and free access to my kingdom.  There will be no barriers between heaven and earth.  A ‘yes’ on earth will be a ‘yes’ in heaven, and a ‘no’ on earth will be a ‘no’ in heaven.”