Covid 19: Reflections from the Prophet Daniel

Daniel lived out his entire life at risk and at the very center of empires battling for power on the world stage.  From a very young age, to avoid being assimilated into spiritual idolatry and apostasy, he had to adjust and acclimate to catastrophic situations confronting him.  Due to his resolve and God’s strength, he went beyond surviving – to thriving, living a life wide open to the person and purposes of God.  He never returned to his home, and his circumstances remained less than favorable, but he lived a full and God-favored life (Daniel 12:3, 13).

Why do we remember Daniel?

  • He shaped the administration of two world empires, and he influenced two other world powers in the centuries to come….
  • He has shown thousands of future generations how to rise above constricting circumstances to serve the kingdom of God with influential impact. 
  • He demonstrated such an example for truth that God had to “hold him back” to a certain degree (12:4,9)?!

How did he live differently?

  • He maintained a constancy about his commitment to God in every circumstance (1:8,21)
  • His understanding of the revelation of God gave him an enhanced ability to excel in other arenas of life and learning (1:17; 2:28)
  • He had a committed community of confidants (2:17-18; 3:16-18)
  • He practiced intentional and intercessory prayer (2:20-23; 6:10; 9:4-27)
  • He endured direct persecution and prejudice (6:1-28)
  • His insight of God’s revelation translated into a deep burden for the kingdom of God and the people of God (7:15,28; 8:27)
  • His very name means “God is the Righteous Judge”