Covid 19: Reflections from the Prophet Hosea

The story of Hosea’s life is as audacious as it is astonishing!  In the case of this prophet, the medium (Hosea, himself) becomes the message.  The Lord commanded him to marry a woman who would leave and pursue promiscuity.  He was then told to seek her, bring her home, and love her, just as the loving and persistent God woos His wayward people.  Once we absorb these events, we will know God more accurately and intimately, “and we will be on our way to being cured of all the sentimental and neurotic distortions of love that incapacitate us from dealing with this God who loves us.” [E. Peterson]

The messages of all the prophets were delivered during times of confusion and catastrophe, pain and paralysis.  Hosea states, “The Valley of Achor [trouble, affliction, disturbance] will become a door of hope.” (2:15)  It can be a time of “Returning to the Lord for healing, reviving like a resurrection, and a restoration of intimacy with Him.” (6:1-3)  Let us press on to acknowledge the one who is our deliverance and salvation [the meaning of Hosea’s name].

  • God desires an intimate relationship with us. (2:19-23)
  • Rejection of the person and purposes of God is our disconnect. (4:1,6; 8;7)
  • Let us craft our confession to Him (14:2) and seek Him. (10:12)
  • The wise and discerning will understand these things. (14:9)

During these uncertain times, may our lives be stories of living and loving well.