Covid 19: Reflections from the Prophet Micah

It is possible that God may weave a warning into the fabric of a people to deter their propensity for evil and to direct their attention to Him as their only real hope. (Micah 2:3)  Most often our reaction is to reject the idea that God would do such a thing. (2:7) 

Our response should be that of humbly seeking from God an understanding of why he would allow this to happen. (4:1-2)  Prophets train us to respond to the voice and presence of God.  Micah’s message is crafted around hearing the words of the Lord. (1:2; 3:1,9; 6:1,2,9)  The Hebrew concept of hearing carries the expectation that we intelligently receive the whole of what God is saying.  All the senses were represented in the diligent discernment of this listening.  And this hearing includes a purity of seeking what opportunities of obedience God is revealing. 

We should also seek guidance on how God would have us seek him at these times. (6:6-7)

“Hear the Word of the Lord” and respond as follows:

  • Do justice (6:8)…let your participation in Scripture guide you to appropriate decision making
  • Love mercy (6:8)…display the manifold grace of God in all of life
  • Walk in humility (6:8)…pursue peace in meekness of spirit
  • Wait patiently (7:7)…lean forward with hope-filled expectancy
  • Worship intensely (7:18-20)…”Who is like our God?!” (the meaning of Micah’s name)

“Those with ears to hear, let them hear.” Jesus