Covid 19: Reflections from the Prophet Isaiah

The sixteen writing prophets of Scripture have been severely neglected.  Yet, their messages to us are as timely as when they were written.  In the next 16 days we will go through them one at a time in order to unpack some of the insights available to us during these days of chaos and uncertainty.

Bible interpretation is vital, but though nothing has been removed from its context, our overarching purpose here is to arouse us to conviction, comfort, and compassion.  Reflect on today’s realities through the lens of these passages as you find and read them.

We begin with Isaiah, whose name means the LORD is salvation.

  • God’s person and purposes will prevail (46:9-10)
  • God’s thoughts and ways transcend ours (55:6-9)
  • We have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.  Truth has stumbled in the streets and honesty is nowhere to be found (28:15; 59:14-15)
  • Only through God will we be able to discern the days in which we live (33:6)
  • Do not fear or be discouraged.  He has summoned you by name (41:10; 43:1-3)
  • Our God may be doing a new, even surprising thing (43:18-19)
  • Listen for His direction…”This is the way, walk in it.” (30:15-22)
  • Real and sustaining peace (26:3-4)
  • He is our Strength.  He is our Song.  He is our Salvation. (12:2-3)