Disciples or Consumers?

a-la-carteMost Christians in the modern Western religious landscape have not been authoritatively or adequately discipled.  In essence, they are “born-again orphans.”  This creates a human vacuum in Christ’s master strategy to make disciples of all nations.  Churches have a tendency of trying to fill this vacuum with professionals and personalities, programs and performances.  As a result, we have produced many consumers of religion, and the gospel is re-cast and diminished in trite marketing terms and psycho-babble.

Albert Borgemann, a modern-day philosopher, stated that, “If the nature of the means has been compromised and is a contradiction to the nature of the end, the end is desecrated, poisoned, and becomes a thing of horror.”  Only when the Jesus way is organically joined with the Jesus truth do we get the Jesus life.  We cannot suppress the Jesus way to disciple.  The integrity of His model cannot be compromised.

This lack of discipleship leaves us with two realities.  Those who have been believers for years must come to the realization and recognition that they have not been properly discipled.  Since they have not been adequately discipled, how then are they to disciple others?  These issues are not dilemmas.  The awareness of where we are opens us to many incredible opportunities.  We shall explore them next time.  


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