Encounters of the Divine Kind, Part 2

The commission of Jesus Christ to His followers is to proclaim the good news of His kingdom to the nations of the world.  This commission is also a command to be obeyed by each follower.  As we go, we meet some incredible people, and we emerge with some amazing stories, which are all part of the tapestry of God’s greater salvation narrative.  Shared memories can be powerful:

  • As you recognized that the peoples of this world find ways of getting along, did you realize that it’s mostly the governments that are challenged?
  • Remember how your soul and spirit gushed with emotion as you first walked into an orphanage and held a child close to you?
  • Have you established life-long relationships with brothers and sisters around the world?
  • “Hey! You call that a restroom?!”  “Why does the electricity keep going off?!” … Have you experienced places where they do not have electricity?
  • Remember when you had to learn to use a translator? And what about your effort in learning some simple words and phrases of a different language? … And the laughter that resulted when you mixed up those words and phrases.
  • Did you try to imagine what it would be like to stay in a foreign country longer than the duration of your mission?

To be continued.