Encounters of the Divine Kind

Discover amazing experiences as you obey and engage in the commission of Jesus Christ to take the good news of His kingdom to the whole world.  As you go, you will find that your own specific stories emerge as being part of God’s greater salvation narrative….

  • You will remember the first time that you got your passport stamped with another country for the purpose of mission instead of vacation.
  • You will learn what it is like when you are the minority.
  • You will expand your periphery by learning the unique people and features of another culture. You will also see that every culture has issues that must be confronted with Scripture, as well as how to navigate them.
  • You will discover a new creativity when you do not have access to your typical conveniences.
  • If you allow it, you will see God progressively turn your fear and trepidation into faith and trust! The “mission trip” evolves into a “kingdom adventure.”

We are just getting started.  To be continued.