Encounters of the Divine Kind, Conclusion

Incredible people and intriguing stories are all a part of God’s greater creation and salvation narrative.  As we obey the command and participate in the opportunity to share the good news of the kingdom of Jesus Christ, it is imperative that we share what we have seen and heard with others.  This rehearsal of all that God has done and is doing has its precedent in the apostles and followers in the church of the first century.  The story continues…

  • as we share the Word of God with nations and peoples who are craving it.
  • as we are burdened by the awareness that millions in our world live every single hour of each day in a struggle to survive. The only thing that can give them purpose and hope is Jesus Christ. Conversely, we begin to realize how deceived and distracted we have become with our accumulated wealth.

The story continues…

  • as we are humbled, feeling we gave less than we received from those we came to minister to.
  • as we experience the internal conflicts of trying to share what we have experienced with our communities as we return.
  • as we realize that in the act of going, we will never be the same. The goal demands our continuous and fervent participation!

No closure, only aperture.