Ezekiel…Exploration and Expedition

Before concluding this journey with the prophet, priest, and person of Ezekiel, it is important to look back, understand and grasp the import of where we have been. The milestones of this excursion have been marked by previous posts:

“Strengthened by God”   Ezekiel ministered in chaotic and catastrophic times. His character needed to coincide with the meaning of his name.

Visions of God   Difficult circumstances are not a hindrance – but a catalyst – for spiritual growth and understanding. It was here that we compared the similarities of Ezekiel’s writings to those of John in the book of Revelation.

A Bracing Clarity   Ezekiel was a priest as well as a prophet. His life was permeated by a long obedience and a profound experience of the reality of God’s presence and purpose.

Conspicuous   The book of Ezekiel is bursting with visions, signs, and prophecies. Ezekiel himself was a sign to God’s people, conspicuous as messenger and message. Since our culture is marked by the sensational, we are recognized by living out the “normal” means of grace in our lives.

A Scepter, a Washbasin, and Sandals   God reigns over the nations, displays His glory among the nations, judges the nations, and is desirous of His eternal gospel to be proclaimed to the nations.

God is sovereign in ruling and specific in His revelation. He employs signs and expects us to apply our senses and recognize them. He saves us through redemption. His sustenance is our resource. In the next and final post we will discover what it is like for heaven and earth to become one and what it means for God to dwell continually among us…Jehovah Shammah.