On May 15, 2022, WordWalk entered its fifteenth year of existence.  WordWalk links growing Christ-followers with ways to use their skills and resources to partner with ministries all over the world.  We link our volunteers with opportunities to share their time, skills, and funds with the kingdom initiatives of our ministry partners through international travel or internet connections.

Much has been accomplished over these years; relationships have been established, and we are humbled with gratitude. 

We are reminded of Amos 3:3, “Can two walk together except they be agreed?!”
Two words in this passage describe the unity of our journey together:
      …to flow, glow, and grow.  As we walk in unity and obedience, our light shines to others.
      …to vanish.  We get so enamored in serving that earthly distractions are diminished.
      …to fix upon by argument and appointment.  God has called and enabled us to craft our mission
      according to His purposes and glory.
      …to engage or assemble together.  This describes our one for all and all for one approach to service.

Another passage, Psalm 34:3, launches us forward, “Magnify the LORD with us and let us exalt His name together.”
Two words from this passage describe the purpose of our adventure together:
      …to see with exponential significance.  We cannot make God larger, but we can see Him as larger.
      …to advance and promote excellence.  Let all the nations rejoice.
      …to bow in reverence.   Our allegiance is to a great King, LORD of the cosmos.
      …to rise in participation.   We are alert and alive to the opportunities which He provides.

Let there be no closure, but only aperture!