Finding Our Way Again

The modern concept of the church is more the construct of the culture than the community of the people of God.  Far too often it is more of a corporation where performance has trumped genuine worship, where pastors are celebrities instead of servants, and where comfort has displaced commission.  The church has become a fortress that protects an initiated group of insiders instead of being an outpost that ministers to the marginalized.  Finding our way again will likely require the following:

  • A tenacious trust in the sovereignty of God
  • The faithful and consistent teaching of the whole counsel of God followed by obedience
  • A concentrated and passionate focus on prayer
  • The institution of the family as the foundation of the broader community
  • Relevant issues in the culture confronted with respect and intelligence
  • Partnering and cooperating with others outside our immediate local groups
  • Manifesting genuine and sacrificial generosity to meet needs
  • Commissioned, compassionate, and courageous spreading of the good news of the kingdom of God locally and internationally