“In Christ, the absolute Other of God is said to enter into the mundane world and set up a home among us.  Here God is neither reduced to the world of objects nor remains in some space beyond our world, but rather ruptures the present with the future, fractures the finite with the infinite, and tears through the temporal with the eternal, inhabiting the now in the guise of the not-yet.  Here God’s otherness is no longer located in some eschatological realm beyond the present order of the world but rather in an eschatological realm that infuses the present world, rupturing it and placing it into question.  Here the razor-sharp cut of God’s kingdom does not presuppose a hairline gap between the present world and the world to come, but rather is that which slices through the present world with the world to come, inhabiting our world with a divine realm that is not reducible to our space and time.”  This is a quote by Peter Rollins, taken from his book, The Fidelity of Betrayal.