“Get in, Buckle up, Hold on!”

In the next several posts we will focus on various aspects of the Revelation of Jesus Christ as given to the apostle John on the isle of Patmos.  That which has been revealed entrusts us with the sacred responsibility and privilege to obey with humility, interpret with sensibility, and to worship with clarity.  We will unpack what Revelation says about being an “overcomer” in a culture of chaos and within Christ’s coherent and ever-present kingdom.  Following that, we will spend several posts exploring the seven churches of Asia as described in the early stages of this literature.  We will explore the history, the geography, and the interpretation of each one of them in view of the modern day.

Revelation was never meant to bring our focus on the end of the world, the identity of the antichrist, or to give us a chronology of latter day events.  It is easy to indulge ourselves in these kinds of distractions rather than to be energized by obedience to God and in the worship of God.  It is our intent that our focus on Christ be recovered.