“Hold On”


Jesus Christ gave this mandate to His followers, “Make disciples of all nations.”  It is imperative that we recognize and respond to this as individuals and in cooperation with other believers.  We must get involved in global mission initiatives.  Once we do this we will find that our hearts and minds will be transformed.  In God’s kingdom, there is no closure, only aperture!  When we open ourselves to God’s kingdom purposes for this world, the following will happen:

  • Everyone in our periphery will be respected and they will understand their significance in the sight of their Creator and their Savior.  No one goes unnoticed.
  • Our plans and prayers will dissolve into God’s sovereign purposes.  We will also acclimate to God’s pace and move only as aggressively as He desires.
  • We will be able to recognize when the Spirit produces chemistry, clarity, and compassion in a group that initially seems dysfunctional.
  • We learn to exercise stewardship over the resources that God provides for us.  We realize that what he provides is what we need, and what we lack, He will provide in His own timing.
  • We are changed.  What God does in our hearts and minds is enduring, and it becomes more and more effectual.
  • There is more of a sense of anticipation for what is next than there is a feeling of accomplishment.