Homothumadon is the combination of two Greek words, homo (same) and thumas (strong emotion, surging with energy, breathing hard).  It speaks of having a unity of heart and mind and purpose.  It is a passionate, consensual, unanimous response to something that God has done, is doing, or will do.  And believers get to participate in it.  It is the mark of a community formed by the Holy Spirit.  It is never to be contrived, only recognized and responded to.

The book of Acts describes homothumadon among Christ’s disciples when they so much as gathered together.  There was Spirit energy among them.  It was reflected in their prayers and as they joined in communion and worship.  They possessed a fierce passion for mission and the proclamation of the good news of God’s kingdom.  It was also manifested in their discussions and debates about what it meant to be a Christ-follower in their present culture (binding and loosing).