House of Figs

All of the major events in Christ’s earthly pilgrimage happened within a twenty mile radius of Jerusalem.  He was born in Bethlehem.  He visited Jerusalem throughout his life before he was crucified just outside the city walls. He walked a road to Emmaus after his resurrection, and one day he will return to the Mount of Olives.  One other main event took place after his resurrection that is often overlooked.  The ascension took place from the small, obscure village of Bethany.  Upon observation, it makes sense that this was Jesus’ favorite place to be.

Bethany (“House of Figs”) was the home of Mary, Martha, their brother Lazarus and a former leper named Simon (Christ had healed him).  All of the Gospels record important events that take place in or near this village. In Bethany Jesus was always welcomed and treated as the most honored guest.  Both men and women were treated equally as disciples here.  The story of Lazarus reveals it to be a place of resurrection from the dead.  It was here that Jesus declared Himself to be the “Resurrection and the Life.”  The same story makes this a place of freedom as Lazarus was released from his grave clothes.  Bethany was the place where the extreme worth of Christ was recognized, as displayed by the extravagant worship of the woman with the ointment in the alabaster box.  It was the place of Christ’s ascension.  At this time a human (Jesus Christ) was at the helm of the universe.

Scriptures:  Matthew 21:12-19,26:1-13; Mark 11:1-26,14:1-11; Luke 19:29,24:50-53; John 11:1-44,12:1-11.