Reprobate and delusional thinking has permeated every facet of our culture.  This should be confronted by developing and maintaining a genuinely godly lifestyle that defines and displays truth and reality.  To live victoriously in these desperate times, several essentials must be recognized and implemented by believer communities:

  • A return to the supremacy, authority, and sufficiency of God’s Word.
  • The necessity of intense intercessory and imprecatory prayer.
  • Our development of mature, responsible, and accountable local assemblies of God-followers.
  • Each believer’s recognition and implementation of their personal call and purpose from God.
  • Display of the personal and corporate courage to walk a faith-fueled and intelligent witness.
  • The demonstration of an empathetic, skin-in-the-game burden for the marginalized.
  • Sincere manifestation of a praise-infused unity among the people of God.

You will recognize this list as the firm foundation you already know: GOD’S WORD; PRAYER; CHURCH; SPIRIT-LEADING; WITNESS; LOVE; UNITY OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. 

These are not new truths.  But each of us must now live them with a new intensity if those we love are to survive this cultural captivity.

The posts that follow will explore the ramifications involved in this commitment.