How Then Shall We Live?!

Se_Velha_de_Coimbra_4The present Western-cultural framework for dealing with moral, political, economic, and ethical issues is severely lacking in coherence and clarity.  We are adrift in madness and meaninglessness.  We choose whatever we desire to condone and to celebrate regardless of what the Scripture says.  We proceed merrily onward oblivious to the consequences that will undoubtedly follow.  Truth is defined as any individual’s perception of reality despite the facts.  Mutually exclusive ideas cannot be equally true.  We attach self-deceiving labels to ourselves such as “enlightened” or “progressive” or “evolving.”  Our culture has actually been responsible for producing and propagating many of the diseases and neuroses that plague us.  Many of these result from our efforts to escape this ugly reality: the medications that numb us, the psychological therapy that transfers our responsibility to others, the punishment of what we produce that makes us feel superior.

Scripture tells us that we are all born into sin: that our very nature is bent on evil.  Who knows what tendencies of this sinful nature may be passed on from one generation to another.  Reformation is not possible; transformation is crucial. The effect of this nature is compounded by the unspeakable actions and the devastating consequences of willful and intentional sin.

How did we let ourselves get into this predicament?  The majority of our difficulties stem from Biblical illiteracy which manifests itself in disobedience dressed up in ignorance, arrogance, fear, and apathy.  Ezekiel tells us that it is possible for God’s people to be even more despicable than the culture that we are trying to change.  He is saying that we have provided the justification for our culture to be the way they are.  Where is our influence today; where is our intelligence?  We must bear this disgrace and plead for mercy.

The question that is paramount for God-followers was framed for us long ago by Ezekiel, the prophet, “How then shall we live?!”  To be continued…

(Ezekiel 33:10; 16:48-52)