Implications of the Incarnation

The infinite and intimate life of God Himself took shape before us.  A child was born and a Son was given.

God’s Son is the medium of creation, revelation, and salvation.

The Son is our Priest-Friend and our Advocate, and He undertakes and champions our cause.

God, in His nature and essence, is love, and He imparts His nature to us.  This nature permeates our being by way of the anointing of the Spirit.

Whoever loves their brother or sister is in a continual state of dwelling and abiding in God’s light, and His divine nature is making itself strong, vibrant, and obvious in our lives.

The man or woman who continues to do the will of God will abide and experience the reality of perpetual life.  This means that we are presently and permanently secure for eternity.

Continue in the Son and in the Father via the unction, anointing, and enabling of the Spirit.  The Spirit is the source of both comfort and instruction.

We are intimately known by God and we are called His sons and daughters.  We are born of Him and named by Him.

All the seed possibilities of eternal life are in the Son.

The nature of true and eternal life causes us to have the desire and the capability to do the will of God.  We live in the love and the truth of God’s reality.

When we find ourselves in seasons of doubt and distrust, we come to the realization that God is greater than our worrisome hearts.

God’s Spirit guides us in truth and guards us from error.

We love because God’s love provokes, motivates and inspires us.

The one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God is consistently coming away with the victory over darkness and evil.

Jesus’ blood is constantly cleansing us, the Spirit is our permanent possession, and we are being immersed into God’s kingdom.

We now have the boldness and the freedom to come into His presence with the absolute assurance that He listens to us and answers us according to His sovereign timing and purposes.

All of the implications above were gleaned from John’s first epistle.