Jehovah Shammah

Israel has a unique relationship with God. This involves a number of special privileges and promises. God did not choose them because they were more in number or superior to other peoples. They were actually the least of the nations in prominence and power. God’s purpose was to bless all nations by demonstrating his glory through his relationship with them. As we have seen from the words of the prophet Ezekiel in the midst of the Babylonian Captivity, Israel rebelled against God. We conclude our journey with this seer as he reflects God’s restoration of Israel based on His covenant of peace with them.

  • Israel will recognize God’s rule. “This is what the sovereign Lord says…”
  • They will repent of their rejection and remember the covenant that they have broken. “I will establish my covenant with you.”
  • They will destroy the idols and the detestable things. “You will be my people and I will be your God. I will put my Spirit in you, giving you a heart of flesh instead of stone.”
  • God will re-gather them from exile and slavery among the nations. “You shall have one Shepherd.”
  • They will return to their own land. “I will show myself holy in you. All nations will see this.”
  • Israel will experience resurrection as the people of God. “I will open the graves and bring them out.”
  • God will reign in the midst of them. “I will put my sanctuary among you.”
  • The Lord’s renown will cover the earth. “JEHOVAH SHAMMAH! The Lord is there.”