Jesus…on His Terms

 A.W. Tozer stated that, “left to ourselves we tend to immediately reduce God to manageable terms.”  Andrew Greeley, in a news article, makes a strong statement: “Once you domesticate Jesus, He isn’t there anymore.  The domestic Jesus may be an interesting fellow, a good friend, a loyal companion, a helpful business associate, a guarantor of the justice of your wars.  But He is certainly not the Jesus of the New Testament.  Once Jesus comforts your agenda, He’s not Jesus anymore.”  “We are not at liberty to manufacture a different Jesus,” says N.T. Wright.  He continues, “It is as if we want someone to save our souls, not to rule our world.”  What would we discover about Jesus if we really looked?  Would He be larger than our present perception?  Would we find Him to be more disturbing, more passionate, or more urgent than we had ever imagined?  Let’s explore these thoughts in the next couple of posts.