The law of the LORD is the sum of His instruction for creed (what to believe), for character (what we are to become), and for conduct (what we do before God and others).  It is complete and comprehensive.  It will convert, transform, restore and refresh our inner being.  It will put our lives together.

The testimony of the LORD is God’s witness about Himself.  It is His trustworthy word about who He is and what He requires of us.  His person and purposes are an immovable foundation that will make the simple wise and skillful in living.

The statutes of the LORD include principles to make us fruitful and productive in every aspect of our lives.  They are the only lasting source joy.

The commandments of the LORD are authoritative and binding.  They are pure, holy, and radiant.  They give coherence and clarity to the chaos and the confusion.

The fear of the Lord is the essence of worship.  Taking God seriously is imperative to knowing God intimately.  This way of living is always relevant; it endures forever.

The judgments of the LORD involve His verdicts on the destiny of all of creation.  He is the supreme judge.  His truth is the absolute essence of reality.  His decisions are accurate, comprehensive, and altogether righteous.

God’s Word exceeds the wealth of the most refined gold.  It is sweeter than the dripping honeycomb.  Heed its warnings; enjoy its treasure.

Psalm 19:7-11