Kingdom Manifesto, Conclusion

Jesus’ use of parables was to provoke thought and action in reference to his kingdom.  Insights that emerge from the parables are lingering and progressive.  Within the nearly forty stories in this genre, the following concepts seem to be recurring:

  • Truth is the foundation of our lives and of our relationship with God and others.  The truth of God’s Word must be preserved and proclaimed.
  • Since we have been forgiven, we must be a forgiving community of faith: personally and corporately.
  • The kingdom is of such worth that we should be willing to give all of our possessions to possess it and to be possessed by it.  Within the kingdom, every person will begin to assimilate their own personal significance.
  • We must realize the privilege and the responsibility that comes with the resources given to us by our Master.  Managing those resources gives us greater opportunity to be creatively and radically generous.
  • The kingdom exists simultaneously in the present culture.  We must recognize the culture, engage it, and be watchful lest we be consumed by it.
  • Anyone following Christ as His disciple is strongly encouraged to count the cost of the commitment that they are making.
  • The kingdom is worldwide in its scope.  It slowly permeates and eventually will overtake the planet to the glory of God.

And Jesus said, “Have you understood all these things?”