Our culture sees independence and individualism as signs of strength.  This illusion doubles as a delusion, manifested as self-indulgence and isolationism.  People really do need each other.  We are engineered to touch each other’s lives deeply.  Nothing gives us the capability of this kind of intimacy like being an authentic member of the church, the Body of Christ.  The Greek term for this is koinonia.

Koinonia is defined as the expressions of genuine Christianity freely shared among the brothers and sisters in Christ.  It involves all believers (no distinction or discrimination for any willing to participate).  It holds believers together, promoting unity in the midst of adversity.  And when displayed authentically, it is the catalyst for meeting the needs of those involved.  In this, koinonia is the sharing of something with someone.  The broader spectrum of God’s kingdom features another aspect of koinonia: we are invited to share in something with someone.