KAZAKHSTAN 2013: Report


Every kingdom adventure (mission trip) begins when the Spirit nudges those who have been sovereignly chosen to go. Initially, this random collection of humans begin to pray for clarity of purpose, chemistry among the group, and compassion for those they intend to serve. This group consisted of the following:

  • Hillary – She loves Kazakhstan so much that there are rumors of her becoming an honorary citizen. She pioneers kingdom adventures to other venues as well.
  • Bob – He has skilled hands for construction, a creative mind in blending cultures together, and a tender heart for everyone he encounters.
  • Linda – She is infinitely inquisitive about ways in which she can serve others.
  • Sandy – Her servant’s heart is exemplary and engaging, but she is tenacious about proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Eddie – He went with the expectation that God would set his heart aflame. It went beyond expectation.
  • Mike – He loves watching God do extraordinary things through ordinary people.

Kazakhstan – The people

The people of this country are as kind as they are inquisitive. We may speak a different language, but in some beautiful and mysterious way the Holy Spirit gives us a mutual understanding between each other. Many of those seen in the pictures are now our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we will cherish lifelong relationships with them. Most of them are also very serious about their faith in Christ and some of them are persecuted for it. We shall continue to intercede in prayer on their behalf. We want you to meet them as we plan to return.

Kazakhstan 2013 – The work

We had the opportunity to work alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ to accomplish much for God’s kingdom and glory during the most recent journey to Kazakhstan.  What follows is a sampling of these efforts:

  • Several waited in line to receive pairs of reading glasses.  After the intended magnification level was discovered, they were encouraged to read John 3:16 out of a new Bible presented to them.
  • As in other years, we participated in a vibrant English club of several twenty and thirty year old men and women.  They were eager to learn English and to discuss issues.
  • There was mutual encouragement between us and several pastors and their families.
  • Several construction projects were accomplished in two of the local churches.
  • We were able to refresh our relationships with life- long friends.
  • We proclaimed and taught Scripture in multiple venues.
  • We introduced them to the concept called “swing set.”  It can draw a crowd and provide a lot of joy.
  • We learned and used more words in their language.
  • Our Creator overwhelmed us with His Creation.
  • We continued to learn more about a fascinating culture.
  • We are presently and continuously providing some financial relief to those who serve there.

Here are a couple video interviews from some of the locals that we had the privilege to serve alongside Kazakhstan:

  • Alexander is the president of the Almaty Bible Institute. They offer five areas of study and they are mentioned in the interview. There are plans for several of us to return next May to do some intensified teaching in the Institute.

  • Sergei – This pastor and his family is exemplary in being a steward over the minimal resources he has available to him. He ministers mainly to very poor families and forgotten children by feeding and loving them. They are located in an area called Uzunagach, on the outskirts of Almaty.

  • Dennis – He and his family minister in Taldy Korgan. His region is ready to explode with an influx of new families.