In the gospel of John we are introduced to Jesus Christ as being the Word (Logos). Early in the first chapter we see the pre-existence of the Word in fellowship with the Father in a pre-incarnate state.  Following that is the incarnation (God in the flesh) of the Word.  The final book of Scripture, Revelation, also written by the apostle John, concludes with the returning Conqueror (Christ), and He is called the Word (Logos).

In the Greek, logos meant “the word or outward form by which the inward thought or essence is expressed and made known.”  Jesus Christ as the Word is the exact medium and message of God’s revelation of Himself.  Jesus Christ is the way in which we understand the mind and the purposes of God.

One Greek scholar said it well, “So Christ, as He is the Word, not only refers to His Father who begot Him, and from whom He comes forth, but to all the creatures that were made by Him; to the flesh that He took to clothe Him, and to the doctrine He brought and taught, and yet lives in the hearts of all them that do obediently hear it. He is the Word, and any other prophet or preacher is but a voice.  Christ was no less the Word in the womb of the virgin, or in the cradle of the manger, or on the altar of the cross, than He was in the beginning.”

Believe then in this Jesus, the living Word, whom you know through the written Word, so that you will know and possess the Word of life.