No Ordinary Warrior

We turned our backs on God. We ignored and rejected Him. We broke promises, hatched schemes of oppression, uttered lies our hearts conceived, and twisted the truth for personal gain.

Justice had been turned away. Righteousness had been exiled…banished! Truth (certainty, stability, trustworthiness) had staggered in the public arena. Integrity and honesty were nowhere to be found. Goodness was missing in action. There was no orderly arrangement to life; chaos reigned. Anyone who departed from evil became a target for criticism; they became prey for persecution.

God was appalled that there was no one to intervene…no intercessor! He took on the work of salvation, fueled by His own righteousness. This righteousness became His breastplate. He was wearing the garments of judgment. A helmet of deliverance was upon His head, and He wrapped Himself in zeal as with a cloak. He was prepared for the ultimate war. This was no ordinary warrior!

Taken from Isaiah 59:13-17