One Hundred Bible Studies, Part 1

The Bible has been around for twenty five hundred years and it continues to be the bestselling book on the planet.  From its obscure origination it has become a worldwide sacred and revered text.  It reveals how we can have a relationship with God and with fellow humans.

 In studying the Bible we discover that it must be read on its own terms.  It does not always behave the way that we think it should and often leaves us with more questions than answers.  It ignites our pursuit and provokes further exploration and investigation. 

There are multiple points of entry.  In these next three posts we will simply list 100 different studies (entry points) of the Word of God. This list is in no way even close to being exhaustive.  We will begin with the Old Testament, continue with the New Testament, and conclude with studies appropriate and/or applicable to both.  More information is available upon request.

  1. The Creation account/story/poem
  2. The altars that altered the life of Abraham
  3. Jacob’s dozen (… his sons – the meanings of their names are exciting)
  4. Specific Old Testament Covenants that pointed to the New Covenant
  5. The Ten Commandments
  6. The Tabernacle (instructions, materials, furniture)
  7. The Priesthood (clothing, qualifications, duties)
  8. The Five Offerings in Leviticus (all reference the sacrifice of Christ)
  9. The God-appointed Feasts of Israel (referencing God’s redemptive plan)
  10. The formation of Israel as God’s chosen people
  11. The Shema (Deuteronomy 6:3-5)
  12. Israel’s Temples
  13. Ten Murmurings of Israel in the Wilderness
  14. The Judges of Israel
  15. False gods of the Old Testament
  16. David’s Mighty Men
  17. The Gospel in Job
  18. Different types of psalms
  19. Psalm 19, 119 and their reflecting of the Word of God
  20. Psalms/Prayers of Ascent (Psalms 120-134)
  21. Hebrew words for “praise” in the Psalms (concordance needed)
  22. The 7 Pillars of Wisdom in Proverbs
  23. Six things God hates
  24. The Evil Woman and the Godly Woman in Proverbs
  25. Thirty Sayings of the Sages
  26. Similes in Proverbs
  27. A time and season for everything (Ecclesiastes)
  28. The meanings of the Prophets’ names and their corresponding messages