One Hundred Bible Studies, Part 2

As the prophet Amos declared of old, “There is a famine in the land, not of bread or water, but of hearing and knowing the Word of the Lord.”  Most of our churches teach and preach from 30% or less of the Bible.  This results in the deconstruction of the complete message of the Word and the failure to equip the people of God in proclaiming it.  It is imperative that believers are taught “the whole counsel of God.”  This consistent and obedient pursuit of the Word will provoke one to start a multitude of personal and creative studies.  This spills over into the student finding treasure whenever and wherever he or she seeks the truth in the Word.  In this “One Hundred Bible Studies” series, we have looked at some examples of these studies from the Old Testament.  Now we shall focus on the New Testament, and conclude in the next post with studies lending themselves to the whole Bible.  To reiterate, these lists are not exhaustive and more information is available upon request.

  1. The “I AM” statements of Christ
  2. The further claims of Christ affirming His deity
  3. Comparing the Last Supper/Communion passages in the Gospels
  4. The Beatitudes
  5. The Lord’s Prayer
  6. The entirety of the Sermon on the Mount
  7. The Olivet Discourse
  8. Jesus’ last night with the disciples before crucifixion (John 13-17)
  9. Sayings/quotes of Christ from the cross
  10. The Disciples/Apostles
  11. Parables of Christ
  12. Miracles of Christ
  13. The hard/difficult sayings of Christ
  14. Pharisees Sadducees, Herodians, etc.
  15. Those Roman rulers
  16. The chronology of the first century throughout the book of Acts
  17. Communication in the book of Acts
  18. Paul’s six visions in Acts
  19. The Missionary Journeys of Paul
  20. Who are the “Seven” in Acts?
  21. Over 80 companions of Paul that he mentions by name in his epistles
  22. The prayers of Paul in the Epistles
  23. The origination and growth of the “Church” in the New Testament
  24. Pastors, elders, deacons and church leadership
  25. The Gift and the gifts of the Spirit
  26. The Fruit of the Spirit
  27. Love, a more excellent way (I Corinthians 13)
  28. “One Anothering” in the New Testament
  29. The Armor of God
  30. “Think on these things…” in Philippians
  31. “Wisdom from above” in James
  32. “Let us” statements in Hebrews
  33. Hebrews 11… the Hall of Faith
  34. “Adding to your faith” in II Peter
  35. The Seven Churches of Revelation
  36. Characteristics of the “overcomers” in Revelation
  37. Psalms/Songs in Revelation